Geoffery Cox - wildlife Artist

Geoffery Cox - wildlife Artist
A Figurine for You

The great advantages of the one-off model are that you, the client, get to choose the subject and, should you wish, the pose. The models are hand-made from scratch. There are no moulds, no duplication. I work in a New Zealand-made polymer clay that fires to an impressively tough yet slightly flexible end product, rather like hard plastic.

I have an extensive library that, together with the Internet, enables me to make accurate models of most well known animals, living and extinct. However, I am always happy to add to my knowledge, while I may need help if you want a less well-known animal made. Clients with specialist knowledge are encouraged to provide background material to ensure the resulting figurine meets their standards. For the same reason, they are welcome to check the scale drawings and make changes, before construction begins.

Figurines can be made in any size up to 28cm (11 inches) height and 40cm (16 inches) length. Prices will vary depending upon the size and the complexity of the figure, but will generally be in the order of $NZ300.00 to $NZ1000.00 excluding GST (not paid if you are an overseas customer), packaging and postage. I will tell you the exact price before model-making commences. The price includes a set of photos showing the construction of your model.

Whether you want a sculpture for your office or home, or are after a very unusual gift, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. Allow up to a month for making the model, and remember to allow extra time for delivery if you are ordering from outside New Zealand.



Examples of my work and representative prices. The models shown are not for sale.

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