Geoffery Cox - wildlife Artist

Geoffery Cox - wildlife Artist

Geoffrey Cox - Wildlife Artist

Geoffrey Cox -  Wildlife ArtistIn today's world, superbly detailed, mass-produced, figurines of animals – living and extinct – are readily available at very competitive prices. With sculptures of such quality on sale at relatively low cost, the highly priced, limited edition model, however well produced, loses much of its appeal. That is why I offer unique, one-off figurines, individually made to meet my client’s specifications.

With a degree in Zoology and over 25 years experience of wildlife illustration for the World Wide Fund for Nature, Department of Conservation, New Zealand Geographic magazine, the Auckland Observatory, several museums and many publishers the production of high quality, scale wildlife and prehistoric models was a natural progression.

MoaEach model is carefully hand sculpted from a very durable New Zealand-made polymer clay to a pose of your choosing and is finished to a high standard in scientifically accurate colours, or if you're looking for something a little different, a fantastic bronzed finish.

Please feel free to browse the gallery of example pieces. I have a deep resource of researched ,accurate scale drawings from which to contruct your model or you may supply your own artwork. I am able to produce scale models in any sze from simple desktop scale models to life-size museum pieces.